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Decorative graphic art showing office supplies
Graphic showing the general work flow for a user using our tool. In the top left corner it shows orders from the following companies: Etsy, Shopify, Jane & Amazon. In the top right side it shows the templates you provide to us, Personalization Tools. Both corners flow down into a third section that shows Order Desk and Personalization Tools. The graphic in the third section describes Order Desk pushing and pulling orders and Personalization Tools matching templates to said. This section also shows the template replacing placeholder text with the personalized name on the order. Lastly, this third section flows into the final section where the print files go to Print on Demand providers.
Works with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Files

Automatically Create
Print-Ready Files
From Order Data

  • Save hours and hours of monotonous text substitution.
  • Create thousands of files in minutes – faster than humans. 
  • Reduce file naming errors.
  • Works with your existing Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator file library – No need to change everything into a non-standard, proprietary template format. 
  • Includes an easy approval step to verify images quickly. 
  • Can be used for “1 off” or “large batch” orders – even saves time creating 1 customized order for your Etsy customers. 
Included in Subscription
Integrate all channels with Order Desk
  • Personalization.Tools works with the best multi-channel order integrator – Order Desk 
  • Pull your orders from Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and virtually any other shopping cart/marketplace.
  • Easily integrate to over 20+ Print on Demand (P.O.D.) suppliers. 
  • Use Rules to automatically process orders for file automation, quality control checking, sending to manufacturers, sending tracking data back to marketplaces. 
  • We can help you get set up – We’re Order Desk Experts!
This image shows what Personalization Tools looks like on Order Desk. It shows the the template matching to orders and the automatic art creation using the text from the order.



75¢ / item + $10/month
  • Less than 500 items per month
  • Test Drive: First 50 items for Free
  • Includes Order Desk account: a value of $20/month + 25¢/order


55¢ / item + $50/month
  • 500+ items per month
  • Test Drive: First 50 items for Free
  • Includes Order Desk account: a value of $20/month + 25¢/order

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